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Casley-Smith International (C-SI) is a non-profit organisation and represents an international group of certified Casley-Smith instructors in the Modern Treatment for Lymphoedema, based on the work of Dr John R. Casley-Smith and Dr Judith R. Casley-Smith.

Founding members of Casley-Smith International are based in Australia (C-S Aus), Israel (C-S Israel), the Netherlands (C-S NL), the United Kingdom (C-S UK) and the United States of America (C-S USA). It is anticipated that C-SI will expand over time to incorporate other countries around the world.

The mission of the C-SI is to ensure the worldwide delivery of consistent high-quality care for individuals living with, or at risk of lymphatic system disorders, by consolidating and further developing training in the Casley-Smith method.


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Who were the Casley-Smiths?

Dr John R and Dr Judith R Casley-Smith were pioneering lymphologists from Adelaide, Australia. They met in medical school and became partners in researching the lymphatic system, developing effective treatments for lymphoedema, and raising awareness about lymphoedema. Their publications spanned four decades, beginning with John’s landmark paper, co-authored with his mentor Lord Florey, on the structure of the initial lymphatics, in 1960.

The Casley-Smith research included: papers on the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and its role in the microcirculation; the use of benzo-pyrones for the treatment of high-protein oedemas; and techniques for effective treatment of lymphoedema.

With Michael Foeldi, John co-authored the text “Lymphangiologie”, and with Judith he co-authored “High Protein Oedemas and the Benzo-Pyrones” and “Modern Treatment for Lymphoedema”, the first theoretical and practical manual on the treatment of lymphoedema to be published in English.

The Casley-Smiths founded the Lymphoedema Association of Australia in 1982, an organisation unique at the time, which brought together patients, health professionals, and researchers in raising awareness of lymphoedema. For years the Casley-Smith fax machine would ring at all hours day and night as people with questions about lymphoedema contacted them for advice.

The method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy to treat lymphoedema which Judith and John taught, had similar components to the protocol of Complete Decongestive Therapy developed by their colleagues Michael and Ethel Foeldi in Germany, but had some significant differences and advances, particularly in its strong emphasis on self-care. Judith’s method of manual lymph drainage drew on her intimate knowledge of the microanatomy of the lymphatic system and Kubik’s concept of lymphotomes, but used very simple strokes so that patients or family members could learn to do self-MLD. The exercise sequence which she designed, introduced the concept of following a sequence similar to that of MLD and of incorporating deep breathing and self-MLD into the sequence. The compression bandaging uses similar materials to the European version, emphasizing achieving a gradient and the creative use of protective and anti-fibrosis padding.

John Casley-Smith died in 1997; Judith Casley-Smith carried on their work until ill health in 2003 forced her into retirement. Casley-Smith International seeks to carry on their mission, ie to increase understanding of the lymphatic system and improve treatment for those with lymphatic disorders.

C-S Technique

In essence, the Casley-Smith techniques used for decongestive lymphatic therapy bear the hallmark of simplicity. This simplicity is a synthesis derived from a strong foundation of knowledge. It has to be said that the Casley-Smith training for lymphoedema therapists is rigorous in this way. The Casley-Smith courses meet or exceed the high standards that are demanded by the international community of lymphology associations. Currently, accredited Casley-Smith courses worldwide, are no less than 135 hours.

True to the Australian spirit, the Casley-Smith approach is devised to be practical, safe and uncomplicated for the lymphoedema sufferer to use. Within the self management regime, a further simplified version of manual drainage, exercise and bandaging is taught to ensure a degree of independence can be maintained.

Casley-Smith therapists are encouraged to continuously seek out up-to-date, and evidence-based science and research, so that therapeutic methods can be a living and evolving process. It is this freshness in approach that can be so captivating in the Casley-Smith method.


Casley-Smith courses in Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy for the management of lymphoedema

The Casley-Smith courses were originally established in Adelaide, Australia under the auspices of the Lymphoedema Association of Australia (LAA). Over time, a group of experienced practitioners were trained to be instructors of lymphoedema management methods by Drs John and Judith Casley-Smith.

All accredited instructors of this method can be found via this website. You can verify the authenticity of any Casley-Smith instructor, by checking the list below, or by using the “SEARCH” facility found on the left-hand side menu. Alternatively, you can contact the teacher listed in your country and make enquiries. Teachers in the UK are not listed individually here, but can be found under the McMillan Lymphoedema Academy.

Casley-Smith International is the organisation formed by these instructors, so that they may continue to provide up-to-date information to the community and health professionals. Courses are held in Australia, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and in the United States of America.

All courses meet or exceed the educational requirements set by their country. NB: No course is less than 135 hours and has a balance of theory and practical work. Casley-Smith instructors connect regularly to ensure that courses are updated and standards maintained internationally. Whilst the core curriculum topics are the same in every country, courses may vary slightly to meet national requirements, or to offer additional in-depth or advanced training. The name of the therapy may vary from one country to another eg Complex Lymphatic Therapy; Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy.

For more information on courses, please press on the button for contact:

The Netherlands: De Berekuyl

The United Kingdom: MLA: Macmillan Lymphoedema Association

Australia: Southern Highlands Lymphatic Drainage


United States: Lymphed or The Brennan School of Innovative Lymphatic Studies

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